"> 11 FAQs about Qubo Dash Cam

11 FAQs about Qubo Dash Cam

What is Qubo Dash Cam and what is it used for?

The device is a road camera. It is mounted on the front mirror or panel of the vehicle and the traffic and road conditions are recorded. It is a very necessary device to present evidence of accidents that have occurred.

How to install Qubo Dash Cam?

Connect the device to the power adapter, insert your SD card into its slot. Download the Qubo app on your mobile phone and add your device. Turn on the vehicle ignition and complete the camera setup by following the instructions in the app.

Does Qubo Dash Cam need internet connection?

No, if you want to use cloud storage system instead of SD card then internet connection is required.

How can I hide the cables?

If you do not want the wiring to be seen too much, you can try to pass the wires through the vehicle glove box.

Qubo DashCam not connecting to related application?

If we activate the car via wifi or bluetooth with your mobile phone, it will disconnect the camera. Therefore, when connecting the camera, disconnect the wi-fi connection of your mobile phone with the vehicle.

How does the Qubo Dashcam records?

All video recordings accumulate in the SD card memory. Video clips are created as 1-minute impressions.

Does the camera work when the car is parked?

The camera only works for a minute when the vehicle is parked and then stops.

Can my family see the footage while driving?

No. All recordings are stored on the SD card and you can watch them later by downloading them from the SD card to your computer.

Why does the date of recorded videos in the vehicle appear different?

If you do not operate your vehicle for 3 days, the Qubo camera’s battery will run out and the time perception will be impaired. Therefore, the timestamp of the videos changes. But after charging the device, it starts making new recordings in real time.

What all functionality does the App support?

  • Live View
  • Event based recording
  • Trip based recording
  • Timelapse etc

Where will new videos be saved when my SD card is full?

This applies to all cameras that work with an SD card. If your device’s memory is full, new videos can be recorded and old video recordings are deleted, starting with the oldest.

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