"> Amazon Echo Dot 4th Generation with Clock

Amazon Echo Dot 4th Generation with Clock

Amazon Echot Dot 4th generation can be bought even for decoration, as it will suit consoles with its elegance and design. It is a product that can be used decoratively in every corner of the house, as the dazzling LED light and clock lights provide a very beautiful appearance. With Alexa, tiny speakers achieve very smart capabilities. You can use it as an alarm clock. There is an alarm and a timer, and the clock can be seen on the LED screen. There is a button at the top to snooze. Supporting Alexa is great in itself, play music, weather news, whatever you want, alexa does it for you. If you have a smart home, control devices at home and communicate with others in the home. You can turn off the microphone feature at any time.

Echo Dot devices are so stylish that many people support their device with different apparatus and decorative products and add a more stylish look. They give different shapes by dressing their devices with braids, and by mounting them on the wall with different apparatus, they give a more modern and stylish chandelier-like appearance. You can find many accessories on sites such as Amazon and etsy.

How to Setup Amazon Echo Dot 4th Generation

Step 1) We download the Alexa app from the app stores, i.e. android markets and apple store. Application usage in the installation of such devices is almost always the same. After downloading the application, we press “Add device” from the + sign in the upper right part. A list of your devices will appear here. From there we print it as Echo dot (4th gen).

Step 2) We plug our Echo dot device into the socket with the plug. When plugged in, the blue light will turn to orange light. This means ready for installation.

Step 3) We do wifi scanning on your mobile phone. We find our own device in the list that appears and click CONNECT.

Step 4) A screen appears asking if we want to use our device with an external speaker, mark it as YES or NO according to your request.

Step 5) Then, it asks where we will use the device and offers options; Such as bedroom, living room, guest room, kitchen, etc. We proceed by selecting which room we position the device in.

Congratulations.. Echo dot device installation has been completed successfully.

Sure is it over? No. After that, it’s important to do Alexa settings, commands and configuration.

How to reset Echo Dot

If you are experiencing connection or performance problems on your device, the first thing you should do is to update the device software. This will solve your problem. On devices like Echo dot, you should not think about resetting immediately, you can try to turn the device on and off or reset the software.

But if you are experiencing problems such as connection problems, slowness, and frequent shutdown of the device, it’s time to reset. Consider this if you are going to sell or dispose of the device. When you reset and return to factory settings, all settings will be reset and those difficult Alexca settings will also be reset. So instead of re-installing the settings, buy it. 🙂

To reset, find a paper clip or something with a fine tip like a needle and press the reset button of the device with it. Wait about 5 seconds. When the light of the device turns orange, it means that the reset process is complete.

Echo Dot Clock features

  • Timer and alarm setup
  • You can choose the time format
  • Room temperature setting
  • Brightness, volume adjustment

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  1. Someone has stolen the echo Dot please do not allow them to use it and please send me a new one

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