"> Fitbit Charge 4 Smartwatch

Fitbit Charge 4 Smartwatch

Basic features: Stylish design, water resistant, nice and durable band, slim design and charging time is long enough. In other words, you can combine with your clothes or wear them as you wish in a way that will not disturb you in terms of appearance during the day, at invitations and special days. Of course, the main point for this device is not the appearance, but the health-related functions.

Health modes: There are 6 shortcut modes such as cycling, running, walking, swimming (GPS). Since all the exercises you do are recorded, you can always access this data. The data on the number of steps, heart rate, calories burned, the number of stairs climbed, sleep duration and inactivity during the day are recorded in your hand. The touch screen and the display of health-related data with graphics have been prepared very successfully. When using the GPS feature, make sure that the device is at least 50% charged. This is necessary for you to get better efficiency. You can elaborate on the settings you want, such as walking, running, side walking, etc. of the exercise modes, and you can get data accordingly. In the same way, you can receive detailed data flow in sleep mode, such as the stages of your sleep, REM phases and how long you slept in which phase, and you can prepare a program for yourself.

How to setup Fitbit Charge 4

You can charge the device in approximately 1.5 hours by plugging it in. There is a charge indicator on the device, it shows the charge level. When the charge is full, the smile sign appears. After the charging process is finished, unplug the cable from the power socket for the health of the device.

Connect your Fitbit device

You download the fitbit app from the relevant stores. There is an add device section on the application, where you add your device. Then you pair your fitbit charge 4 device with your application on the smartphone from the pair section. In order to use the app, you must first open a fitbit account. When creating this free account, you must enter the correct data such as name, age, gender, height, weight. The device will then perform these actions on the basis of this data while making the relevant adjustments in the health modes and sending you notifications. That’s why you should enter the correct information in your fitbit account and update the changes.

How to change watch faces

Tap on the part below your logo on the device screen. from left to right > your profile picture > your device image > Clock Faces > device tab. You see your saved clock faces in My Clocks.

The indicators change depending on the watch face you use. For example, if you want it to show only the time and heart rate, there is a watch face for it. You can use it by choosing the most suitable watch face for you among dozens of registered watch faces.

Notable features

  • It can use music playback and control features with Spotify support.
  • Ladies can follow their menstrual cycle through the fitbit application.
  • You can see the features and statistics by swiping up the screen. For example, you can see heart rate and stride data.You can print these statistics if you want.
  • You will be able to use the messages you have prepared in the templates section in response to incoming sms messages. The quick response feature is only available with canned messages.
  • You can use your device in pool and swimming activities as it is water and dust resistant.
  • Your activity for 15 minutes or more is automatically recorded. You can customize your training settings. By creating more than 20 exercise settings, you select the desired exercise mode and apply the program that will suit it. For example, you can create and save a program such as running for 20 minutes, listening for 10 minutes, stretching, then walking for 10 minutes, etc.

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