"> Geeni Smart Wi-Fi Security Camera

Geeni Smart Wi-Fi Security Camera

First, let’s talk about some of its main features. The most preferred indoor cameras are very flexible and can be bent in any direction you want. If you are going to use it as a hidden camera, this feature will come in handy. It is also useful and advantageous in terms of mounting on the wall. It also looks good as a decoration. You can put it in your library or console. Don’t just think of Merkury Geeni wifi cameras as cameras, you can have conversations or live connections. You can watch and record live 24/7. You can also set the recording process to record only when the motion sensor is activated.

There is a sensitivity setting on the motion sensor. For example, if you set it to be sensitive even to the movement of a fly, your phone may receive notifications non-stop. 🙂 So an average sensitivity setting will be fine. For example, when a person entering your home without your knowledge is detected, it immediately sends you a notification via the application. If you want, you can reach and talk to the person entering the house via the loudspeakers. It connects with wifi and night vision is good quality and clear. When we look at the Geeni wifi camera varieties, there are varieties such as Hawk, Vision, Sentinel, Mini 6 and Geeni ip camera.

How to setup Geeni Smart Wi-Fi Securtiy Camera

For device setup, first learn your wifi network password and connect to the 2.4 Ghz wifi network. These cameras do not work on 5Ghz wifi network.

Step 1: Download the Geeni App to your mobile phone from the App store or Google Play and register by opening the application

Step 2:

Download the Geeni application from the application stores to your mobile phone. Open the application and enter the requested information. When you enter your mobile phone and e-mail address, it will verify. Then you create your first password after entering your country. You will log in with this information while using your app.

Step 3:

When you log in to the home screen of your application, the menu button appears in the upper right corner from time to time. In the menu section, we click Click +. So we say “add device” and we find the name of our own camera as a video camera and add it.

You will see the red light flashing on the device, which indicates that the device is ready for connection. If the red light is on steadily, you must reset the device and start the installation process from the beginning.

After adding the device, we enter the password of the wifi network in the next step. While connecting with the device, the device beeps and the red light flashes. Then the light turns blue and turns solid. This indicates that the connection has been made and the device is ready for use. You can also add a device by scanning a QR code. When you scan the OR code, the red flashing light turns blue and the connection is established.

Important notes and information

If your wifi signal is weak and your connection is lost, your device may not work. In this case, it would be correct to reset it. If you find your device offline, it’s probably not getting wifi. Check your wifi network and reset the device.

How to reset: Press and hold the small hole on the side of the device for 5 seconds to reset your device. When the device performs the reset process, it will warn you as a flood.

If you’re having trouble with motion detection, it’s probably related to the motion detection sensitivity settings of the camera. Check the sensitivity settings via the app on your mobile phone. It may take a few tries to determine the most suitable setting. You can find out by testing it.

You can record the camera either on your phone or on the Micro SD card. You use the features of your smartphone when you record on your phone. If you are using an SD card, it will encrypt the video recording. In order to free up enough recording space, the device deletes old recordings and makes room for new recordings when the SD card’s memory is full. If you want to archive old records, we recommend that you transfer them to your computer at regular intervals according to the memory of the SD card you use.

Note: You can find a guide about Geeni Smart Wifi Camera on play store.

Night vision works both automatically and manually. The red light on the LENS is illuminated for night vision. Close the lens completely, it will return to normal vision 5 minutes after turning it off.

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  1. I bought this mini camera from a friend to watch my child while at work cuz ya never know about babysitters now days truly just want that extra piece of mind

    1. It’s always good to have an extra level of security when it covers children. Worlds not perfect, neither are friends.

    2. Yes, for for a inexpensive camera it’s exactly what we need to keep extra eyes on those whom that even says they would never do anything towards me lol! Anyways just a little joke but no seriously it gets the job done and it’s easier to find those keys you keep losing jeje!!

  2. You can’t connect your Geeni cam to your phone using your Bluetooth?
    What if you don’t have Wi-Fi all you have is your phone internet could you still connect your camera with that? If so how?

  3. Why does my Geeni Camera show the device rotates 180 degrees? I don’t see any settings other than on/off.

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