"> How to pair Soundcore Earbuds

How to pair Soundcore Earbuds

On our page, we explain how to pair and set up Soundcore headphones. In addition, we also talk about the points to be considered about the bluetooth connection, possible problems and solutions. If you have a wireless earbuds device, read our article carefully.

The procedures for pairing wireless headphones are generally the same. You must know these, we show you the steps to do as a list below. The ingredients for this simple process are:

  • Take the earphones out of the charging case
  • Press the power button of the headphones
  • Open the charging box
  • Press the pairing button of the headphones
  • Press the pairing button of your charging box.

How to Pair True Wireless Earbuds Via Bluetooth

First, make sure your mobile phone’s bluetooth is turned on. Press the bluetooth pairing button on the headset. On most models, this is usually your headset’s power button. Pairing starts automatically in new model headphones as soon as you take the device out of the charging box. During pairing, the LED lights on the device flash. If you are pairing by pressing the button, you can follow the completion of the pairing from these lights. Then make sure that your device is listed in the bluetooth menu of your mobile phone and complete the necessary installation steps.

LED behavior (Earbuds)

soundcore Earbuds - Breathing whiteFlashing whiteBluetooth pairing
soundcore Earbuds - Steady white .Steady white for 1 secondBluetooth connected

When the installation is not completed, you must do all the operations again. If you just bought the device, there is no harm in resetting the device. Reset the device and try the installation steps again. If you want sound to come from only one ear, you can use the headset you want by turning on the mono mode.

If you want to connect your headphones to a different phone, for example, via another bluetooh, first put the headphones in the charging box and turn them off. After charging, we press the button under the LED indicators for 3 seconds and wait for the white light to come on. By opening the bluetooth section on a different phone, we list the device and press your pairing command.

Anker Soundcore Earbuds Troubleshooting

My Headphones Won’t Pair with Device

  • Unpair the headset by going to the bluetooth menu from your mobile phone
  • Reset your headphones.
  • Try again by turning on the bluetooth of your mobile phone.
  • Bring the earphone and device closer together.
  • You can test your headphones if they are installed on another phone.

How do you reset Anker Soundcore Bluetooth headphones?
Turn off your headphones. If they are not turned off, you can turn them off by pressing the power button for three seconds. Then you reset your device by holding the press for 10 seconds.

Solution for other problems that may occur:

For all the problems that may occur on your device, you can try the following actions. First, turn the device off, then perform the software update. Make sure your device’s charge is above 20%. You can find out the source of the problem by pairing your Anker Souncore headset with a different phone. If all these steps do not work, reset the device. For unresolved hardware problems, contact technical service.

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