"> How to setup iHome AutoVac ( Eclipse, Nova, Juno..)

How to setup iHome AutoVac ( Eclipse, Nova, Juno..)

The connection and setup steps of iHome Autovac Eclipse, Nova, Juno, Luna and Orbita models are the same. On our page, we tell you how to install. There are differences in features between iHome Autovac models. Pricing varies according to these features. There are differences in features such as vacuum attraction force, vibration force, charging time and sound control. Therefore, the installation of all models is done in the same way, while the vacuum power of one is 2000, the other is 3000. You can choose according to your financial situation, but the use and installation of the devices are the same.

There are also minor changes in some parts of the models of Autovac products. Parts such as brush, cleaning mops, side brush and dust bucket may vary depending on the models.

How to setup Auto Empty(Charging) Base

It is simple to use. Plug in the power cord and mount it close to the wall. There should be free space on both sides so that your Autovac device should come easily, charge and move from it again. It must be constantly plugged in.

Where should you put the Auto Empty Base?

How to setup iHome Autovac

In the first installation, first place your Avutovac device on the Auto Empty Base and start it by pressing the power button on the device. You can open it this way in the first installation, but then you can remotely control operations such as turning on and off via the remote control and ihome app.

Wait for your iHome Autova Eclipse on Auto Empty Base to be fully charged. Pressing the power button will already pair the two devices with each other.

The working logic of iHome Autovac Nova is simple, it goes around the house, creates a navigation map and cleans the house accordingly. When its charge is low, it automatically returns to the charging unit and does all these works automatically. What you need to pay attention to is that the charging unit is constantly connected to the power socket and it is enough to connect to wifi to save internet.

Step 1: Download iHome Clean app

Step 2: Realize your wifi connection. Please note that your wifi must be 2.4 ghz

Step 3: Open the iHome Clean App, select “Add device” and select Eclipse, Nova, Juno, Luna, Orbita ( which your model is)

Press & hold & simultaneously for 5 seconds to enter network config mode

Step 4: Just wait for the connection to complete.


  • Before using your device, you should remove items such as small objects and games left on the floor. There should be no elevations to hinder the movement of the Autovac.
  • When you first start your device, it creates a virtual map of its location. You can categorize virtual maps via iHome clean app. For example “The Kitchen”. Then you can make the necessary adjustments through the application.
  • Devices can have many cleaning modes. For example, spot cleaning and mopping. You can control the cleaning method you prefer via the remote control or the ihome clean app.
  • Regular maintenance of all parts of your device will enable you to use your Autovac vacuum robot for a longer life. You can whisk the pieces and then wipe them with a damp cloth. If the parts are very damp, you should dry them so that they do not remain wet.

Troubleshooting for iHome Autovacs

In this section, I will tell you about practical solutions that you can do. Problems are often caused by the same reasons, and when you do them, it will most likely be fixed.

The charge of your device is low, put it in the charging unit and charge it immediately.
There are obstacles in front of the Autovac movement area, preventing the device from going or parts have escaped into it. Remove these obstacles and clean the device.
Your wifi connection is broken or your wifi area is not enough. Place Autovac so that your router stays within the wifi area.
Turn off the device, turn it on and as a last resort, you can reset it.

ihome autovac eclipse won’t charge and turn on

First of all, you must use the original power cord.
The metal parts of the charging unit may be dirty or mixed with dust or dirt. The device does not come into contact in order to charge, these parts must be thoroughly cleaned. Unplug the device, clean all parts and start it up again.

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