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How To Slime

Recently, some toys designed for children to play are being prepared with children under the supervision of parents. These toys, which will be prepared for children on various social media platforms, will be prepared videos as both visual and audiovisual as they help you, and they will be preferred as slides. One of the toys that are prepared for children is Slime. This toy is a kind of soft dough or stress ball that we call the object shows characteristics similar.

So, how to slime? What should be considered when preparing? The answer to all of your questions is in our post.

Materials Needed To Prepare Slime

* Half cup of glue
* Half a cup of hot water
• Food coloring in the color you want
* 1 tablespoon borax powder
Yeah, that’s all you need to prepare for slime. Those who can not find borax dust can function the same with the help of detergent or soap. At the same time, because all these materials will contact your child, you should choose herbal or at least materials containing less chemicals.

* First, Prepare 1 tablespoon borax powder or detergent or soap if you want to pour 1 cup of hot water to ensure that you mix thoroughly. What is important here is the full melting of borax powder. For this reason, you should mix the mixture until the borax powder dissolves completely.
* Borax powder in hot water after thoroughly dry into the jar you set in the pre-emptied half a cup of glue should be mixed with hot water again. You will already get a sticky substance as a result of the mixture of glue and water. This is actually the essence of slime.
* Mix the color of your food dye into the mixture you prepared in the jar. Continue to mix the adhesive until it is the same color everywhere. Those who wish can also pour ingredients such as SIM in this paste. This part is entirely up to your imagination.
Finally, mix the mixture of borax and glue water in the same container and mix well.

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