"> How to solve Rubik's Cube 3×3

How to solve Rubik’s Cube 3×3

The method of solving the Rubik’s cube is called the layered method. Once you learn the layered method, you can work on speeding up your moves. We know that there are competitions for this. You can also work with adding speed to the layered method.


1) Hold the Rubik’s cube on level ground
2) Think of the algorithm used as putting a piece back in place, or pulling it from the front.
3) Learn to place one face first, then layer up the others
4) In order not to lose your way of movement while learning, you can stick a piece of paper on the rubik’s cube pieces.


There are three horizontal layers in a 3×3 Rubik’s Cube


The Rubik’s Cube has 6 flat faces.


  • The middle parts consist of one color.
  • They are directly attached to the interior chemistry.
  • There are 6 middle pieces.
  • When dissolved, it becomes the same color as the surface it is on.


We know that you are difficult especially for beginners and you have to memorize all the algorithms. Please learn all of them patiently and repeat often. Because after the learning process is over, you will start to gain speed in movement combinations.


Continue with the first and second movements until the middle is completely straight. This will complete the middle layer.


If the yellow CROSS sign did not occur, you should continue with the previous steps until this sign does.What needs to be done each time is to complete the previous step. If the previous step is not completed, go back a few steps and the cubes should catch the algorithm we want to fix.

If a single color is formed on all faces of the cube, you have successfully completed it. If there is an error at some point, it is necessary to go back all the steps one by one and correct the wrong step. Just think of it like a piece of software you’ve just coded. One of the basic levels of coding is Rubik’s cube. Just as there is a letter and comma error in the software codes, the result cannot be reached. To complete the Rubik’s cube, all algorithmic moves must be done in order and not skipped.

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