"> HP Ink Tank Setup ( Step by Step)

HP Ink Tank Setup ( Step by Step)

On this page, we will tell you about the installation of the HP Ink tank printer. We will tell you step-by-step what you need to do, this guide page will always work for you. It doesn’t matter which model you have, such as HP ink tank 310 series (315, 316, 319) or HP ink tank 410 series (415,416), the process is the same for all printers. We list the things you need to do before installation in our topic, which we will explain clearly;

  • Unpack the printer and other materials that come out of the box.
  • Plug in the printer,
  • Fill the ink tanks,
  • Add paper to the input tray,
  • Install and align the printhead
  • Install the required software.

Step one: You took the printer and other supplies out of the box and unpacked them, plugged in your power outlet, and installed the software. Let’s list what you need to do now;

  • Place your HP ink tank printer on a flat surface.
  • When you plug it into the power cord, wait 15-20 seconds for the printer to turn on.
  • Refill the ink tanks

Note: You can fill the ink tanks using ink bottles. Store bottles in a cool place and keep them upright.

  • Open the ink tank cover and unplug the black tank.
  • Remove the cover and gasket
  • Turn the black ink bottle upside down and push it down a little over the tank you are going to fill. Fill ink up to the corresponding level there.

Step two: Install the printheads

Remove and open the printheads in the box that came with the printer. Pull out the orange stoppers. Do not touch the copper-colored contacts. PLAYING IN THESE SECTIONS WILL CAUSE CLOGGING AND INK FAILURE, PRIOR TO CONNECTION FAULTS.

  • Open the outer cover of the printer
  • Open the blue printhead carrier latch.
  • Place the black printhead in the right slot and the color printhead in the left slot.
  • Close the blue latch back.
  • Close the outer cover.

Step 3: Load paper in the input tray

After you installed the print head and closed the outer cover of the printer, you now place your A4 papers in the printer input tray. Align the papers well to the left and back. Before starting the printing process, determine which paper you will print on and put paper in the input tray accordingly.

Step 4: Preparing the printer alignment and ink system

On the printer control panel, press “resume” for 3 seconds. There the letter P flashes when that letter is A the alignment has been done. Press the continue button and raise the scanner cover. Load the paper and close the scanner cover.



If any of the symbols you see on the printer’s control panel are flashing, there is an error. The image we give shows which symbols mean what. Then you can move on to the solution steps accordingly.

If the wireless network light is blinking: There is a problem with the wireless connection. If you are using a VPN, cancel it and remember that your printer must be close to your router in order to receive clear wifi signals.

Error A blinking: The page you added to the printer is not fully aligned. Open your cover and place the page with the print side down and close the cover by paying attention to the side lines.

“Error 1” and Resume light are blinking: An E1 error occurs when the paper settings in the printer driver do not match the paper loaded in the printer.

Error 2 : Caused by the settings not matching the paper size when the printer tries to print a single or multiple page print job. Cancel printing. Make sure that the papers you put in the input tray from the settings are the same as the size that appears in the setting.

E3 error occurs when there is a printer carriage jam.

E4 error occurs when there is a paper jam.

E5 error occurs when the printer experiences a scanning error. Turn the printer off and on and wait 15 seconds. If it does not improve, you need to take your HP ink tank device to service.

E6 error: There is an error in the printer. Reset the printer. Then turn the device on and off and turn it on again. If it still doesn’t work, send it to service.

E7 error: Printer has reached the maximum number of prime attempts.

Error 9: Ink system maintenance; It may be necessary to open and close the printer interface cover several times to maintain print quality and remove built-up ink.

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