"> Neck Pain Exercises

Neck Pain Exercises

  1. Good posture

Place your feet in the butterfly position on the floor. Your back should be as straight as possible and your shoulders should be comfortable. If for any reason it is uncomfortable, you can try to use a chair and lean back. Concentrate without changing your posture: Breathe; Gently breathe three times. You have to feel like you’re going around your chest before you leave your nose. Relax. Now locate the pain.

  1. Shoulders above

Slowly throw back your shoulders. Keep your posture straight without changing your breathing speed. Breathe in each repetition. Repeat 10 to 15 depending on your situation.

  1. Tilt your head

For this exercise, tilt your head slightly to the left until your ear is on your shoulder. Use your left hand to help. Wait 15 seconds in this position. Repeat the steps on the right. Repeat seven times on both sides.

  1. 4. Throw your head back

While holding your breath, throw your head back to look at the ceiling. Breathe in and breathe out. Then turn your head slowly to the left, reveal and then turn right. Repeat this action for 15 times.

  1. 5. Hands behind the neck

Put your hands behind your neck. Extend your arms on both sides, take a deep breath and raise your head. Stay 10 seconds in this position and exhale while your head is down. Close your arms and let your elbows touch each other. Wait 10 seconds and disconnect your elbows. Breathe, remove your head and repeat 7 times.


Make sure you sleep on a hard bed. Take precautions if you carry something heavy. Do not use too thick cushion. Don’t forget to keep your posture straight. Do sports to control stress levels and stimulate your muscles. Do not stay in the same position for a long time: if your job requires too much sitting or standing, stand up frequently to stretch your muscles.

Note: remember that these exercises for neck pain are for advice only, so if your pain is constant or intense, it is best to go to a doctor. Don’t try your body.

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