"> QUBO Smart Cam 360 Setup

QUBO Smart Cam 360 Setup

Qubo smart cam 360 camera is a device with the quality and features that will meet your needs. Installation is simple. You can easily make use and settings with the app on your mobile phone. On our page, we will talk about how to install Qubo smart cam 360 and its features.

At the bottom of the device, there is a microphone and an SD card slot. It supports SD card up to 256 MB. Although the camera looks like an indoor security camera, there is a section at the bottom where you can mount it on the wall. When you buy Qubo smart cam 360, the mounting kit is given to you. You can use the device outdoors if you wish.

Qubo smart cam 360’s main feature is its 360-degree rotating head, as the name suggests. It is a camera that you can use with peace of mind with 360 degrees horizontal and 96 degrees vertical viewing angles.

It is possible to talk to each other with the built-in microphone feature of the camera. A loud siren sounds when intrusion is detected. As with all modern cameras, it has motion detection and notification sending features.

The device works in harmony with Alexa. With Alexa connection, you can remotely manage the device with voice command and make changes in the necessary settings. There are 3 different privacy modes. You can adjust it according to your wish. “Night mode”, “home mode” and “outside” mode. It provides color images in low light. Records on SD card. In this way, continuous recording is provided.

How to setup QUBO Smart Cam 360

First of all, if you turn on the power of your camera, you are making the wifi connection. You download and install the Qubo app on your mobile phone. When you add your camera through the application, the usage becomes active. What you need to do is that simple. Then you choose the settings you want to make through the application and determine it according to you.

  • Privacy mode
  • Recording setting
  • Motion detection
  • Send notification

During the installation process, the red light on the device lights up. When connecting to wifi, this light turns green, when the green light remains stable, your Qubo camera is ready for use. After the installation is finished, you can adjust the qubo app settings.

You can list the steps you need to take in case of problems that may occur with your Qubo smart home security camera as follows.

*Turn your device on and off.
*Update your camera.
*Check the settings of your wifi router. The camera may not be within the wifi range.
*You can reset and re-install on the latest device.

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