"> Samsung WiFi Printer Setup

Samsung WiFi Printer Setup

We explain in our article how you can easily establish a wifi connection on your Samsung device. On our page, we will tell you how to install the software directly with wifi connection wirelessly without using USB. First of all, I would like to talk about the simplest method, WPS.

If your wireless router has WPS mode, you can easily setup it. It will be enough to press and hold the WPS button on the device for 2 seconds. While holding down this button, PIN must be entered from the computer at the same time. So how to find the WPS PIN of the Samsung printer? While holding down the WPS button on the device, your 8-digit PIN code will appear on the control panel.

The point to note in WPS setup is: You need to lock the WPS part in the wireless security settings. Otherwise, since these settings will change, the password you have set will change and you will not be able to connect. You can install it this way too, but it will bother you.

How to setup your Samsung Printer using Windows

Insert your installation CD from your computer. Say proceed by following the instructions and run the latest setup.exe file. Connect to your wireless network by setting the wifi port for the printer.

Say you want to install the printer, check the network connection. Must be connected to wifi network and say “next”. Proceed by selecting the direct wifi connection section in the section that appears.

If the WPS button appears on the next screen, keep it pressed for 2 minutes. Your connection will be successful.

You can perform the same setup with a USB cable. But I don’t recommend it. Because it will not be right to install the printer that you will use with a wireless connection. In addition, when installing, it will be necessary to manually enter all wifi settings, wifi channel, security password and all other settings one by one. Therefore, direct wifi connection will be easier and healthier.

How to print from mobile phone to wireless printer

First of all, download the Samsung mobile printer app to your mobile phone. Once downloaded, create an account for yourself and give the necessary permissions, as in most applications. Turn on your mobile phone’s wifi connection and bluetooth. Connect to wifi network with wifi direct. While connecting to the printer from your mobile phone, the LED light on the printer will flash. Other usage and features are the same, you can start using the device from your mobile phone.

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