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Sony Smartwatch 2 SW2

The use of smartwatches is currently a sign of the merging of fashion and technology. Combining your smart watch with your clothes, choosing trousers, shirts and jackets accordingly provides a more elegant and beautiful appearance from an aesthetic point of view. There are 5 different rente strap options. With yellow, turquoise, black, pink and purple options, it has the appearance to keep up with the ready-to-wear fashion. It’s a nice feature that the strap can be replaced with any 24mm watch band. In this way, you can have many appearance options according to the outfit you want. It is a nice feature that it is waterproof and dustproof. The features of the device are explained in detail on the product page. On this page, I want to talk mainly about setup and pairing.

How to setup your Smartwatch 2 with NFC and Bluetooth

It is very easy to connect the device with NFC, first activate the NFC. Make sure the device is connected to wifi. Then download the smart connect app to your smartphone. If the phones are on on both devices when you put your watch back to back, NFC will automatically start pairing. All you have to do is to follow the instructions given on the screen. In other words, turn on both devices, put them on top of each other and complete the pairing steps.

Likewise, you can do this pairing via bluetooth. See your watch via bluetooth on your smartphone and start pairing. You can complete the installation by following the automatic pairing instructions.

Just because you have completed the pairing does not mean that you can use the device immediately. The most important point is that there is a list of applications required for you to use the features of the watch through the Smart connect application. You need to download and install them one by one and make their settings. Calls, messaging, e-mail, notifications, gmail, twitter, facebook settings, etc. Of course, you do not install what you do not want to use. After installing all these applications, when you press the menu button on your screen, you will see this application list in alphabetical order.

Some advantages

  • You can add a pin to your smartwatch for security
  • It can be used without bluetooth connection only for clock and alarm or as a flashlight.
  • There are enough screen faces. You don’t need to buy premium screen faces. Screen brightness adjustable
  • After incoming messages appear on the screen for 10 seconds, the screen turns black. This allows the charge to go longer.
  • Battery life is good enough. For 2 days, the charge does not end by looking at social media and messages. If you use less, the charge continues for up to 4 days. The darkening of the screen after a while contributes to the longevity of the charge.


  • Since its processor is slow, you will see that it is slow when transferring your contacts to the smart watch on your phone. In addition, when a call comes in, it first comes to your phone, then the smart watch receives a call.
  • You cannot reply to incoming e-mails, there is only e-mail reading.
  • Again, you cannot reply directly to incoming sms messages. On the smart watch, you save pre-made messages in the templates section. You can use one of these templates when you want to reply to an incoming message. Or if you are going to give a private reply to the incoming message, you can write it in a template first and then reply from there, which is a troublesome way.

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