"> Third Eye Opening Techniques

Third Eye Opening Techniques

The third eye, which allows us to interact with other dimensions, is open to some people, but it can be opened with the efforts of some people. Some people may not be able to mobilize this ability no matter how much they try. If you want a clear view between the dimensions of our article we will share with you in a short time by applying the techniques you can reach.

People with a third eye can see objects and entities of other dimensions. They can feel the energy around us and use this power for different purposes. In fact, all people have this cosmic organ which we call the third eye. But in the course of time the ability to stand in sight weakens and eventually becomes blind. The closure of the third eye may be caused by certain features and may also be caused by distressed food. Therefore, if you want to open your third eye, you should stay away from the harmful foods that we call ready food.

Let us talk about some exercises you can do to turn your eye on the third eye:
1– Breathing Study: If you want to do sports or sing if you wish to start another job. The most important activity at the beginning of each work is breathing work. 3. If you want to open your eyes, you should start with breathing work first. The activity we call breathing can be done while sitting, lying down or doing any work. The first thing you need to do is take a deep breath. Take a deep breath until your abdomen swells. Then leave your breath to the end. You must breathe slowly and steadily. Repeat this activity until you feel a warmth in your neck.

2- Listening to Music: As you know, music is very important in yoga and similar mental activities. The effective use of the Internet in every area will help you to open your eyes. As you know, 21 days are important for human body. Therefore, you can encode your subconscious by listening to music before sleeping for 21 nights. These music, which will prepare you for this spiritual world both psychologically and physically, will lighten you up.

3- Zikir attract: the third eye, the opening of the eyes of the heart as well as a worldly religious situation is a situation. Therefore, you can pray to open your eyes to 3, you can draw a chant with the voice of Hûûû. This will both relieve your hearts and will make your third Eye open.

4 – Yoga and Meditation: Yoga consists of physical movements that keep your body vigorous and give you peace of mind. But these movements also allow your third Eye and Chakras to open. Meditation is briefly listening to the inner voice. So as long as one learns how to listen to his inner voice, he will come one step closer to opening his third Eye every day.

5- Imagining Objects: As you know, astral travel is the most important technical objects and soul for spiritual processes. As long as this imagination process is not completed, there is no possibility to complete the spiritual activities. For astral travel, we imagine that our soul is separated from our body, we are visualizing it, 3. To be able to open our eyes, we must be able to imagine our eyes. It is not enough to imagine only the third eye to open the heart. At the same time, you have to imagine seeing the objects and the world with your eyes 3. You should look at the world with this eye.

6- Bright and Dark: Our body needs light as much as darkness. Remember 3. The eye has a religious meaning but it is shaped and opened in our worldly life. The important thing is your body and your body’s needs. If you want to open your third eye in a short time, you should take advantage of the sun as much as possible, and at night you should sleep in a darkness that can be called dark.

The only result of all these activities is the opening of the third Eye. There is no time period for opening the heart. This depends on one’s patience. Some people reach this goal in a very short period of time while others give months or even years. Remember that patience and prayer are extremely important in this work.

If the third eye is still not opened as a result of all these exercises, it is caused by calcification in your pineal gland. These exercises will first stop the calcification in your pineal gland and then open the third eye. Therefore, continue to work with patience.

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