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YI Smart Dash Camera

A 2.4 Ghz wifi connection is established between the Yi Smart dash camera and your mobile phone. Since wifi connection is established, you will not lose mobile data. You can connect to the camera from a single phone.

You can record the collisions with your device at the time of the accident and use it as evidence when necessary. The device has sensitivity settings for camera recording. In addition, you can specify whether you want to record a sound or not, from the sound setting section.

YI Smart Dash Camera works in sync with ADAS system. GPS must be turned on in order to work with this system and to enjoy a better quality of driving. And this GPS becomes active after the speed of 50 km. The ADAS system warns you audibly when you violate the lane, approach the wall while parking the vehicle, or get too close to another vehicle.

There are 2 ways to fix problems that may occur on your device. The first method is to update the firmware, if this software upgrade does not solve the problem, it is necessary to reset the device. So how to upgrade the firmware version? First of all, the latest software from http://www.yitechnology.com/support/firmware_en.html is loaded onto the SD memory card. It is then loaded into the camera via the SD card. In the application on the smartphone, this update signals immediately and you start the update. Before performing the update, make sure that the device is charged more than 50%, also do not turn off the device during the update, your device may break. You can restart your Smart dash cam after the update is finished.

There are some factors that affect the quality and speed of the videos recorded by the camera. One of them is the speed of the SD card. If the quality of the memory card you are using is low, it will cause interruptions while watching these videos. It is recommended to use known SD card models such as Scandisk. If the videos are blurry, the camera lens is most likely dirty or there is light reflection at the time of recording. Before going on the road, it is necessary to clean the camera lens thoroughly and if possible, measures can be taken to prevent light reflection. For example, a curtain can be installed on the side where the sun comes from.

Micro SD kart en fazla 64 GB olabilmektedir. Daha büyük hafıza kartlarını kamera desteklememektedir. Eğer yapılan kayıt fazla tutarda hafıza dolarsa eski kayıtlar silinerek yeni kayıtlar eskilerin yerini almaktadır.

You can charge the device with a USB charging cable or a cigarette lighter adapter. The blue light is on when the adapter is charging the camera. If it is not lit, unplug the cable and plug it back in. So you can charge your device.

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