"> Mi Smart Scale Setup

Mi Smart Scale Setup

You can follow your body’s daily changes with Mi Smart Scale 2 through the sensors on it. All your data is recorded on the mobile application and you can watch your change graphs here. You can use the device with 3 1.5 V batteries. You can insert the batteries by removing the cover at the bottom of the Mi smart scale.

How to connect Xiaomi Smart Scale 2

First of all, you need to open a Mi account. Open an account with your regular information such as name, e-mail address and location, or you can use an existing account. Download the Mi Fit app from Google play markets. Pair your scale with your mobile phone by pressing the + icon on the application homepage.

After your Mi Smart Scale pairing is completed, the settings section will appear on the application. Enter the information requested on this page. If you are asked for your data such as height, weight, age, enter them.The personal information you enter into the application will be used to analyze your weight.

How to use?

Stand on the scale with two feet equal to the norm and stand straight. Step off the scale when the weight sign flashes. The kilnuz is seen on the application and begins to be analyzed. The scale weighs up to 150 kilos. If you weigh over 150 kilos, the device will warn you as OL. When the battery of the device is low, the L sign flashes on the Xiaomi scale. This indicates that it is time to replace the batteries.

Note: There are 2 measurements that need to be taken into consideration when using Mi scale. These;

  • Testing with eyes closed
  • One leg balance test

For your safety, please be careful and ensure your safety when making these measurements to avoid falling. In addition, the results may not be very accurate in weight assessment and analysis for pregnant women and professional athletes. Xiaomi scale is not useful for this category of people.

Mi Smart Scale 2 features;

  • The device has a guest mode
  • Supports data sharing with up to 16 people
  • It prevents you from losing too much weight by analyzing your ideal weight.
  • It can automatically recognize family members. It determines this based on its data analysis.
  • You can measure the weight of your baby or pet by holding it on your lap.
  • It’s not just your human body that weighs you. You can perform normal weighing of objects by changing the mode from the settings. The smallest object to be weighed must be 100g.
  • Data transfer can be made via Bluetooth connection.

Mi Smart Scale 2 has a stylish and unique appearance, with the device’s hidden LED screen and clear display, durable tempered glass and durable structure, and looks good in your home both in terms of usage and decorative appearance.

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