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2018 DIY Ideas

diy ideas

The production of a new article or the repair of articles involves many different areas, ranging from DIY work that is favored by those who are at odds to small repairs at home, sewing new clothes or knitting. Instead of buying a new product directly, you can qualify all the work that is achieved using the most appropriate materials as DIY. Those who want to be outside the political and economic structure of the western world prefer DIY studies today. DIY products that are produced at low cost also provide you with your own style at the same time. The sense of comfort and motivation that comes from being able to complete a job on its own is one of the reasons why DIY studies are preferred.

Using simple materials such as fabric, needle, thread and paint, you can also do DIY work in the comfort of your own home. If you want to be able to show a DIY work in your decoration style, you have to first determine which area you need a new item or a decorative accessory. With DIY parts you can do in a simple way, you can color your decoration style and start to get a great deal of integration in decoration.

DIY work with carrying pallets for garden furniture

You can do DIY work with transport pallets that you can find easily everywhere. Nowadays, many people start with DIY pallets. One of the first reasons for this is that the product can be found very cheaply and often free of charge. Another reason is that it can be used as infrastructure for different kinds of products and furniture.

Pallet and wheeled tables

If you have a modern home decor, you can use it by producing chair and chair with wheels. These works, which can perfectly match your decoration style, are practical and functional products that you can use as a coffee table. The only thing you need to complete this work will be wheels and screws in four suitable sizes. You can then continue to use it as you wish for the drawer, adding a drawer to the empty portion of the pallet. If you have not found a suitable material for the drawer, you can produce a functional table with a perfect

diy ideas 2018
diy ideas 2018

Antique painting and DIY effect

First, grind your wooden furniture. You will apply it on the process so that the dyes are more durable and look good. Then coat the turpentine and apply thoroughly to the surface of your furniture. Once your furniture is dry you can proceed to painting with wood paint. You can also try applying two layers of paint to clean up the color separation and smudges. After application, leave your furniture to dry again.

diy ideas chair
diy ideas chair

Swimming Foams

You can imagine this wonderful do-it-yourself project by bringing together coffee filters and swimming bubbles.
You can use swimming foam to keep your drinks where you can easily get to the pool.
You can always stand upright by placing swimming foam inside the boots that are prone to folding.

swimming diy ideas
swimming diy ideas

Tin Boxes

You can cook bananas or squat bread in a tin.

You can decorate the tins and decorate them to the trees or backyard.Using spray paint you can paint your tins and get great little pots.

Another great idea as a flowerpot might be to paint the tins with fancy wallpapers.

Napkin box from Coffee Cup

Napkin box that are at the top of things that should be immediately available are not always very decorative. It is very expensive if we like them very much. I asked for an empty cup of coffee from the barista, and made a small cut in the cover. And does not it look nice?(below pics)


Do not call it a bush. Who say “We are the decoration store!” In these shops  candles are very expensive. All we need is a glass bowl, 2 handfuls of shrubs, japanese glue or hot silicone in the length of the hill. Finally a candle for romance. Good luck.

Or if you do not work with the bush, take a canned box, which we have consumed in a nice way, we drill as many holes as we want, we have placed the candle on the inside. You can make various motifs that you can paint outside of the can. You have completely left your creativity.

Glass Substrate from Ice Cream Stick

If you say that, I do not throw anything at all, so if you want to evaluate everything, store those ice cream stick in a box for the summer, then clean them up nicely. And thanks to a few knots, you can put it together like this. It’s also very stylish.

Create New Masterpiece from Old Night Lamp

If you’ve been bored a lot, all you need is spray paint, a pointed tool for piercing, and a little creativity with your hands.

Table Made with the Rope

Whether it’s a word you like, a shape or an initial letter of your name. If you want a painting that tells you about the corner of the house, you can take a piece of wood (eg 40 * 40) from a carpenter and make it with colored ropes.

New Rack Unit from Old Guitar

You had an enthusiasm in the high school years, you went to the courses, played a little summer, you got the attention of the girls. Where is that guitar now? On which closet? You’re taking it, you’re pulling the front face, you’re fixing a wall … It’s cool .

Cardboard Frame

If you think you need a lot of color and frame size, this project is full of fancy. The size is up to you, the color is in you. We give a tactic we are withdrawn.

Led Light Letter

Now, if you are going to buy it from the internet, if you go to find a few stores it’s a another separate problem, a separate problem. Besides, all of this can cost you so much. The best thing is you get a list of materials, go to a building markete and get all of them at home. It looks very easy.

New Library From Old Staircase

We continue to produce and use new things from the ancients. There’s an old ladder next. If you want to paint it, just stay there. All kinds of rooms will give you a different air

Old Door Frame

One more old project. you can use this frame to dictate, you can even hold the wall. You better keep the wall on your back. It’s a window after all.

Mushroom Board from Wine Fungus

We brought a new excitement to the mushroom board. We randomly line up our fungi on a regular basis, and then we are stuck with the help of a pin on our notes. This idea can be very stylish in the kitchen.

Mop From Gravel Stone

It’s a do-it-yourself project again. This time when we are walking on the beach we collect gravel stone of similar size and level and when we come home we stick on the existing mats or on a thick goat. Those who come to the house will be affected first by this mop.

plant diy ideas
plant diy ideas
night lamb diy ideas
night lamb diy ideas
candle diy ideas
candle diy ideas
old door diy
old door diy
led light letter
led light letter
cool diy
cool diy

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