"> Samsung Galaxy Fit-e Setup/Connect

Samsung Galaxy Fit-e Setup/Connect

You can start using your Galaxy Fit-e by first charging it. Since there is no power switch in such electronic devices, do not forget to pull the plug from the socket after charging. Connect the charging cable to the USB and align the middle part of the device and plug it into the charger. Keep charging until you hear a click.

Note: You should customize the vibration and notification settings via the galaxy wearable app to make the battery life last longer and to use your device more actively.

How to Connect Your Samsung Galaxy Fit-e to A mobile phone?

Your device will turn on automatically as soon as it is charged, it will direct you to the galaxy wearable app when you first turn on or reset your device. If your device is freezing, plug in the charging cable and wait for 3 seconds or restart the device via the application.

At the stage of making the device connection, if the device has been connected before, you must first reset the galaxy fit-e. If you are using the device for the first time, you must first download the Galaxy wearble application.

Open this application on your mobile phone and give all the necessary permissions on the first installation. Bluetooth must be turned on and give the necessary permission again. Tap on the part that says Galaxy Fit-e on the application. A connection will be made to the watch. Follow all the instructions that appear on the screen. If you have been using this application before, tap on add new device from the hamburger menu in the application corner.

Before connecting your Samsung Galaxy Fit-e to a new mobile phone, you must disconnect your device from the previous phone it was connected to. Open the Galaxy Wearable app and tap the Menu icon then tap “Disconnect”.

When your Galaxy Fit-e will be connected to a new phone, the device will be reset. In order to use your watch properly and efficiently, you need to follow some rules;

  • Wear your device just above the wrist neither too tightly nor loosely. This is necessary for the heart rate to work properly.
  • Calculate the heart rate while sitting still and at rest.
  • You need to do sports for 10 minutes for your device to identify and detect exercises. Let’s say you stop training after a minute, the device’s training mode will be disabled and will not display data.
  • You can calculate your step count with the Samsung health app. In vibrating environments such as trains or buses, your stride may not work properly.
  • In order for your sleep measurements to be taken correctly, wear your device properly just above your wrist before going to bed.

If you want to back up Galaxy Fit-e and keep your data, log in to your Samsung Cloud account. You can get your backup from the account backup section on the homepage. If you want, you can also back up only certain data. You can print out these backups and store them on the computer.

To add your backups to a new device, open the backup & restore tab on the Galaxy Wearable app. Add your previously downloaded backup by saying restore from here.

You can produce solutions for possible problems that may occur with the device in the following order. Charge the device. Make the necessary updates. Reset your Galaxy Fit-e. These 3 steps are the solution steps for all the problems that will occur on your watch. If your problem does not improve despite these, you should contact the technical service.

You can use the Galaxy Wearable application for all adjustments on the device. There are many features such as setting alarm, changing watch face, settings related to health, fitness and exercises, sleep component and notifications. You can set all of them one by one by entering the relevant application via the main menu.

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