"> Realme Buds Q

Realme Buds Q

We will provide you with clear and understandable information about this device. We’ll cover the basics you want you to know, such as the device’s design, usability, features, setup and pairing. First of all, it is a very light device. It has a weight not exceeding 40 grams, including headphones and charger. In the rain, you can wear your Realme buds q device to your ear and run comfortably. It has sweat and water proof feature. It has a flexible and loose attitude, so you may have a fear of falling a little when you move a lot. With its dynamic bass feature, it has a very high quality sound feature compared to appearance. We can describe the connection speed and sound quality as good for the device.

Battery and Charge

There is no section that shows how much charge you have left in the device’s charging box, you can only control your charge via the smart application. Using 50% volume, the device works for 4.5 hours. It can work up to 20 hours at a lower volume. It has a normal charging cable, it does not have a fast charging feature. The battery life is pretty good for the price of Realme buds q.

Setup and Pairing

The connection and pairing process is very easy. You are downloading real me link application. When you turn on the device, the device appears immediately via bluetooth. The pairing process is completed quickly and the connection is made. You can easily make touch controls on this application you have downloaded and customize it as you want. The speed of the device ensures good synchronization while watching movies or playing games. It is very good that it supports Bluetooth 5 technology, which provides a fast connection.

Touch controls are as follows (if you press too fast, it may not react, you must press a little slow);

  • Double tap either earbud for play/pause.
  • Triple tap the left earbud to go back to the previous track.
  • Triple tap the right earbud to skip to the next track.
  • Press and hold on both earbuds or 2 seconds to toggle Game Mode

Realme can customize some touch controls via the link app. Features such as turning on the voice assistant, forward, rewind, play and pause.

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